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Board of Trustees

John Trumbull, "The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776," 1832, Oil on canvas, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Puchased by Daniel Wadsworth and members of the Atheneum Committee, 1844.3

Board of Trustees

William R. Peelle, Jr., President
Henry R. Martin, Past President
Duffield Ashmead IV, Vice President
Jeffrey N. Brown, Vice President
Cheryl A. Chase, Vice President
Hy J. Schwartz, Vice President
Frederick C. Copeland, Jr., Treasurer
Emilie de Brigard, Secretary

Duffield Ashmead, IV
Marta Bentham
Jeffrey N. Brown
Emilie de Brigard
Cheryl A. Chase
Michele Cook  
Frederick C. Copeland, Jr.
Carol L. Covello
Mally Cox-Chapman
Robert Dance
Alison D. Davis
Joseph Gianni
G. Duncan Harris
Laura R. Harris
David G. Jepson
Michael F. Klein
Robert D. Kump
Gerard Lupacchino
Philippa Feigen Malkin
Merrill F. Mandell
Jeffrey G. Marsted
Henry R. Martin
Timothy P. McLaughlin
Mary Pescatello Melvin
Elsa M. Núñez
William R. Peelle, Jr.
Eileen S. Pollack
Matthew A. Schaefer
Hy J. Schwartz
Jean-Pierre van Rooy
Barbara G. Ward
Henry M. Zachs

Honorary Trustees
Coleman H. Casey
David W. Dangremond
Mary G. Dowling
Clare C. Edwards
Carole Bailey French
Mary P. Gibbons
Helen B. Gray
Arnold C. Greenberg
Nancy D. Grover
Christopher Larsen
Stephen B. Middlebrook
John H. Motley
Samuel R. Peterson
Claire M. Pryor
Susan A. Rottner
Robert H. Smith, Jr.
Karen Cronin Wheat
Linda Cheverton Wick

Ex Officio Trustees
Andréa Hawkins, President, The Amistad Center for Art & Culture
Cynthia Bulaong, Designee of the Mayor of the City of Hartford
Caroline Cunningham Young, Designee of the Office of the Governor
Jane Britton, President, Women’s Committee
Carol Urick, President, Docent Council

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