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Job Openings

Associate Director of Museum Services

The Associate Director of Museum Services working in conjunction with the Director of Museum Services oversees all departments within the group: Registrar’s Office, Facilities, Library and Archives, Exhibition Design, Imaging, and Exhibition Management with special focus on exhibition planning and processes. Supervises an integrated work schedule coordinating the 6 sections in the Museum Services Group. Learn more.

Conservation Framer and Department Assistant

This hybrid position includes responsibilities for the mounting, matting, and framing of works on paper in the museum’s collection as well as supporting the general workflow of the conservation department. Works closely with Conservators in many aspects of collection care. Works regularly with Registrars, Preparators, and Museum Designer in the maintenance of the museum’s active loan and exhibition programs.  Learn more.

Head of Visitor Experience and Services

The Head of Visitor Experience and Services assures a high quality visitor experience that creates enduring positive memories with a goal of fostering a desire for further engagement with the museum on multiple levels.  Acts as the lead visitor experience champion across the organization, collaborating and enlisting the active support of multiple senior managers and staff. Directs the operation of all services to visitors and is responsible for all activity occurring in the galleries. Learn more.

Membership Associate

In charge of the museum’s membership programs, aimed at individuals who pay a yearly fee to enjoy special benefits from their support of the museum.  Supports the growth of the membership program as it relates to earned income and driving new and repeat attendance.  Also works in close collaboration with the Visitor Services and Museum Shop team, which serves as the on-site membership sales arm, and the Interpretation Department which develops and delivers member-specific programming. Responsible for managing the departmental infrastructure, including donor software programs and general administrative requirements. Learn more.