Behind the Seen, a Blog in Process


Behind the Seen is the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art’s forthcoming blog. We realize it may seem passé to launch a blog in 2015, when the Twitters and Tumblrs of the world seem to be where the kids go for information. But we at the Wadsworth Atheneum were in need of a platform on which we could share more than just an overly filtered photograph or painstakingly edited 140-character thought with you.

We wanted a place for a behind-the-scenes peek into the everyday museum life paired with thoughtful dialogue. Nothing like YouTube Comments. No. Something that takes you, our reader, Behind the Seen. No doubt we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the art on our walls. It is mesmerizing, astonishing, stunning, and beautiful. But our physical galleries are limited in what insights they can convey to any viewer.

In Behind the Seen we will share musings from our curators, educators, administrators, support staff, members, and visitors. Think of our gallery labels as tweets, and our blog as the link to a vast world of information.

So tune in January 2015 for a blog that brings you, well, Behind the Seen.