David Smith

Figures & Dwelling

January 27, 2018-August 19, 2018

David Smith (1906–1965) played with human and architectural forms in abstraction. The artist had always envisioned his sculptures framed by mountains and sky. In 1940 he fulfilled this dream, escaping the fast-paces New York art scene for the remote Bolton landing in upstate New York. For the next two-and-a-half decades he filled the hillside fields with dense rows of stylistically diverse abstract sculptures. David Smith: Figures & Dwelling, installed in the museum’s soaring main entryway, features three objects created at Bolton Landing.

Smith’s concept of displaying abstract sculpture in nature inspired Storm King, the 500-acre, large-scale contemporary sculpture park in the Hudson River Valley. An image of the sprawling park forms the background this installation and depicts a 2017 exhibition of the Smith’s white sculptures.