Second Saturdays for Families | Caregiver Celebrations

May 9, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


For many of us, family plays an important role in our life.  It’s no wonder some artists choose to highlight families in their work. Take a look at some of the art from our collection that portrays families, listen to stories about family bonds, and make a work of art to thank one of your special family members.


Our Youth and Community Programs Manager Marisely Gonzalez uses her fingers as a paint brush to create a thank you card for a special person in her life. Watch closely, then gather your supplies to make your own.


A family portrait painting can reveal tender moments between generations gathered together at home. Our Docent and Tour Programs Manager Angela Parker reads about patience and understanding in the book Can’t you Sleep, Little Bear by Martin Waddell. Have a seat as she tells the story of a little bear who  is afraid of the dark.

Where is Little Night hiding? Listen to Docent Augusta Gonzalez read about the journey of Mother Sky and Little Night in the bilingual book Little Night/Nochecita by YuYu Morales.


Artist: Carolyn L. Mazloomi America, born 1951
Title: The Family # 4
Date: 1996
Media: Cotton

Carolyn Mazloomi is an African American quilt historian and artist. Exhibited around the United States and internationally, Mazloomi uses fabric to tell stories about her culture.  Click on the image for a closer look at her work titled The Family #4

  • What do you notice about the work?
  • Take a look at the work of art for 30 seconds, and then turn around and try to remember everything you observed. Now let’s look at the art again. What details did you remember? What did you forget to mention?
  • Can you describe the different colors, lines and shapes used?
  • How does the work change as you look at it from different angles and distances?
  • What do you think the artist was trying to communicate through the creation of this work of art?


Artist: Michel Nicolas Bernard Lepicie
Title: The Carpenter’s Shop
Date: c. 1780
Media: Oil on Canvas

While we are gathered at home together staying safe, we are discovering ways to share spaces with family. Click on the image for a closer look at Michel Nicolas Bernard Lépicié’s painting, The Carpenter’s Shop, which presents a family at work and leisure. 

  • What is going on in this scene? What suggests that?
  • Describe the painting’s colors, composition and shape.
  • What is the mood of the work? How do you know?
  • How does this work of art relate to an aspect of your own life?
  • If your family had to re-create this painting, who would be in it? What activities would be featured? Where would this scene take place?



Second Saturdays for Families is funded by Aetna. Additional support is provided by the J. Walton Bissell Foundation, the Ensworth Charitable Foundation, and the George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation, Charles Nelson Robinson Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. Program supplies are generously donated by S&S Worldwide.