World Music Concert: East of the River

July 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
World Music Concert: East of the River

5pm |  Happy Hour
7pm |  Concert

Join the acclaimed East of the River chamber group for an evening of Middle Eastern music to celebrate the special exhibition Frederic Church: A Painter’s Pilgrimage.

Arrive early for happy hour in the Untitled Bistro and outdoor courtyard.

Free admission; light Middle-Eastern fare and drinks available for purchase.


Porke Llorach |    Sephardic Song
Ein K’eloheinu |    Sephardic Liturgical/Instrumental interlude by Daphna Mor

Tzur mishelo/Los bilbilicos |    Sephardic Liturgical
Mosé salió de Misrayim/Rotta |    Sephardic Song/Stern & Mor
Adio Querida |    Sephardic ballad

Sultaniyegah Longa Sadi Işılay |    Turkey, 1899-1966

Una tarde de Verano |    Sephardic Song. Variations by Nina Stern
Hija Mia |    Sephardic song. Instrumental interlude by Kane Mathis

Ghaetta |    Italian, late 14th century
(Ms. Add. 29987, London, British Library. Arranged by Nina Stern)

Noritz Karoon Yegav |    Armenian song
Rast Sirto |    Ottoman Dance

Pilgrimage |    Shane Shanahan

Samai Hijaz |    Abdel Rahman Jabakji (d.2003, Syria)
Hicaz Sirto |    Turkish dance

Yigdal |    Liturgical Song, Sepharad/Yerushalaim

Makedonsko Devojce |    Macedonian song
Kozarica |    Bulgarian Dance
Sirto |    Greek Dance