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Travis Dimeer Terry

In the spring of 2019, Hartford-born designer Travis Terry founded IEMBE, a dynamic new brand creating clothing and accessories. The name IEMBE plays on the phrase “in my bag,” that is, to be completely absorbed in an activity or a mental zone to the point of being unbeatable. The IEMBE bag launched early in 2020 and proved an instant design success. Created from vegan leather, a sustainable, cruelty-free polymer, and in a range of bold colors, Terry calls it a versatile “4-in-1 bag…a purse, a bookbag, a shoulder bag, or just a clutch.” In this design, the famous robin-egg blue of Tiffany & Co.’s retail bags and boxes is adopted to fuse the established luxury of Tiffany with the assured new style of Terry to leave each IEMBE owner feeling absolutely “in their bag.” IEMBE clothing and accessories are now owned by such fashion-conscious figures as Bia, Fabolous, Jodie Woods, and King Combs. Terry, an exemplar of Connecticut creativity, still lives and works in Hartford and believes, “just because you are from Connecticut, does not mean you can’t make your dreams come true.”

Travis Dimeer Terry (b.1998, Hartford, Connecticut), IEMBE bag, 2022. Tiffany Blu vegan leather. On loan from IEMBE, LLC. Hartford, Connecticut