Alternative Angles

Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe (American, 1887-1986)
Title: The Lawrence Tree
Date: 1929
Media: Oil of canvas

This pine tree by Georgia O’Keeffe swoops up, its branches reaching out like tentacles. Its masses of needles form dark mists against the night sky – which Georgia O’Keeffe renders in bright blue. 


Click here to hear Docent Sally Wister discuss the painting in further detail. 

Look / Mira

Georgia O’Keeffe painted her subject from an unusual point of view. What was her subject? What was her perspective? 

Georgia O’Keeffe pintó su tema desde un punto de vista fuera de lo común. ¿Cuál fue su tema? ¿Cuál fue su perspectiva? 

Talk  / Habla 

This is a type of tree called a Ponderosa Pine. Compare this photograph of a Ponderosa Pine and the painting. Which details of the tree did the artist include and which did she leave out? When artists paint things that look a little different from reality, we say they are abstract. Would you say this painting is abstract? 

Este tipo de árbol se denomina Pino Ponderosa. Compara esta fotografía de un Pino Ponderosa con la pintura. ¿Qué detalles del árbol incluyó la artista y cuáles omitió? Cuando los artistas pintan cosas que se ven algo diferentes de la realidad, decimos que son abstractos. ¿Dirías tú que esta pintura es abstracta?

Think / Piensa

Georgia O'Keeffe, The Lawrence Tree

What time is it in this painting?
How can you tell? 

¿Qué hora del día se representa en la pintura? ¿Cómo lo sabes? 

Imagine / Imagina 

The artist liked to lie under this giant tree at her friend’s house and have time alone to think. Do you have a special place you go when you want to be alone? What makes that place special? 

A la artista le gustaba acostarse bajo este árbol gigante en la casa de su amigo para tener tiempo a solas para pensar. ¿Tienes un lugar especial a dónde vas cuando quieres estar solo? ¿Por qué es especial para ti ese lugar? 

Connect / Conects 

O’Keeffe was inspired by the natural world around her. Look for other works of art at the museum that were inspired by nature. 

O’Keeffe se inspiró en el mundo natural que le rodeaba. Busca otras obras de arte en el museo inspiradas en la naturaleza. 


Draw something familiar from a new perspective by lying down on the floor or looking at it from above. Ask someone if they can tell what you drew. 

Dibuja algo familiar desde una nueva perspectiva acostándote en el piso o mirándolo desde arriba. Pregúntale a alguien que identifique lo que dibujaste. 

Watch as Youth and Community Programs Manager Marisely Gonzalez takes on this drawing challenge using a familiar Hartford landmark. 


Our Docent and Tour Programs Manager Angela Parker was inspired by the landscape found in the children’s book Triangle by Mac Barnett. Have a seat as she tells the story of the trickster Triangle and his friend Square, then look outside your own window. Do you recognize any familiar colors, lines, or shapes?