Conservators examine and document changes to works of art over time, and carry out conservation treatments on objects and paintings to maintain the integrity and ensure the longevity of each work of art in the collection. Each treatment is designed in collaboration with curators to determine the most appropriate approach and methods in accordance with the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics. Working with the museum’s registrars, preparators, and security staff, conservators ensure the long-term preservation of the collection by developing and monitoring safe storage and exhibition environments, and exhibition planning and preparation processes.

The Wadsworth’s conservation department is equipped with imaging and analytic equipment that is complimented through collaborations with scientists at research and academic institutions and contracted specialist conservators.

Wadsworth conservators are active in the professional community, authoring and presenting scholarly research though publication and presentations to colleagues and the public.

Featured Projects

Restoration of Enoch Woods, Nathan Hale, 1889