Our Agenda for Change

The Wadsworth strives to be a welcoming and inclusive place where visitors and staff are valued, respected, and embraced. We understand that becoming the museum we want to be requires change. We are currently developing a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) plan along with a new strategic plan to guide our path forward and invite you to follow our progress here.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion (DEAI)

The Wadsworth recognizes that prioritizing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion is essential to our growth and relevance. As we face the current global pandemic and the systemic racism that has long plagued our nation, we acknowledge there is hard work ahead of us as a community and as a museum. As civic institutions, museums across the nation are being called to play a leading role in advancing racial equity and inclusion. At the Wadsworth, we are committed to ensuring that these values guide all that we do – from the scope of our programs and services, to how we collect, exhibit, and interpret our art, to our hiring practices and internal culture. Visitors of all backgrounds must be able to see themselves in our programs, people, and collections to feel truly included in the life of the museum.

To help us develop a comprehensive DEAI plan, the Wadsworth contracted with the New York-based firm VallotKarp Consulting LLC. We launched our process in the fall of 2020 with introductory staff-wide workshops focused on how DEAI shapes our work at every level. A voluntary cross-departmental, cross-level DEAI Working Group began meeting regularly in February 2021 to imagine and strategize ways to embrace and promote diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion throughout our museum.

We are grateful to the Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation for its support of this work.

A New Strategic Plan

The Wadsworth is in the home stretch of developing a new strategic plan which responds to the rapidly evolving environment in which we operate and levels its view on the coming 5-year period. We have engaged AMS Planning & Research to guide us through a purpose-first process. AMS has consulted a cross-section of regional stakeholders and colleagues and aggregated national and regional data to inform our plan. These inputs were affirmed through the surveys and feedback provided by museum patrons. We look forward to sharing the completed strategic plan here.