The Silver Vault

Coming Soon

When the first phase of the Morgan Memorial building of the Wadsworth opened in 1910, it included four galleries for artwork display and a small, 234-square-foot treasure vault built by Remington & Sherman Company where the most precious, small objects could be safely stored. This historic vault will soon be unveiled as a newly established gallery, debuting an installation of 350 works from the museum’s world-class collection of American and English silver. For the first time, a large selection from the Wadsworth’s silver collection, which numbers over 1,200 objects, will have a dedicated home in the galleries.

Support for the conservation and installation of the Wadsworth’s silver collection provided by, the Karen Kelleher Fund, the Henry Luce Foundation, the William and Alice Mortensen Foundation, the Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, and The Koopman Fund.